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Nobody can do without food, and nobody should try. Feed Your Life is a blog about providing yourself with the nourishment that will help your body feel and function better. And remember, nutrition and feeding your life aren't just about food - we require many kinds of nourishment, and this blog will cover those as well.

Ok, ok, I know it’s super cliche, but really, apples are amazing allies in your wellness efforts. And, lucky us, they’re in season right now!

This means they’ll taste better than ever and you’ll have a variety to choose from at a lower cost than usual. Just one of these American icons packs 3g of fiber, 10% the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for Vitamin C and 15g of plant phytosterols that keep cholesterol in check. Try to buy organic and/or local apples to better support your body and the earth. Check out these apple-icious ideas or get creative and apple up any way you like this week!
- Dice half a fresh apple into your favorite yogurt for a creamy, delicious breakfast or snack.
- Enjoy sliced apple dipped in peanut butter for a pre- or post-play snack that’s balanced in carbydrate, protein and fat.
- Throw a few thin slices of apple on deli sandwiches for crunch…fiber…fun!
- Keep orgainc applesauce cups handy at work or in the car for an easy snack when hunger emerges. Pair with a granola bar or string cheese if your belly is really rumbling.
- Chop hearty pieces of fresh apple into salads or toss dried apple slices in your favorite green concoctions.
- For a tasty, health-enhancing dessert, halve whole apples and sprinkle with cinnamon and a drizzle of honey then bake for 20-30 min at 350. YUM!
- Lastly, old-fashioned apple cider is packed with flavor, vitamins and minerals. Enjoy as mulled cider made with cinnamon, cloves and cranberries.

Julie Norman, nicknamed "The Body Image Guru" by clients, guides women to live authentically healthy lives through peaceful body image, intuitive eating and mindful movement. She blends professional nutrition guidance with the wisdom of yoga to help women transform the ways in which they care for and experience their bodies. She is the creator of Body Karma Healing, a yoga-based program intended to help women transform their body image from painful to peaceful. Julie believes healing individual body image pain helps us heal the world! Check out Julie's exclusive offer for MOMTL Members HERE.

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  • My husband and I were in the grocery store and I remembered your post! We bought apples to snack on at home! :-)

  • Shirlangell's avatar

    I just bought a bag of organic gala apples a few days ago and they are so yummy. I’m trying to eat an apple a day so not a one will go to waste :)  I plan to try another kind next time I shop.

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