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Soul Food: Nourishing the Inner You


When it comes to feeling happy, the most important organ in our bodies is the brain, which means that in order to be joyful we have to think happy thoughts. Whether you think that sounds cheesy or brilliant, this blog will teach you how to get in touch with yourself and how to love the wonderful body that you’ve been given. Let’s nourish the inner you.

Pop Culture & Fat

This year, we talked fat and formerly fat celebrities, Lady Gaga’s tweets about not eating, and why a media diet is so much better than other diets.

We also started the #stopbiggestloser campaign which so many of you have joined!

Health At Every SizeÆ
I shared some tips on how to get started with HAESÆ, and pissed off many people by writing that weight loss is not an achievement.

On the intuitive eating front, we talked about 5 steps that help you break up with dieting for good, permission and cravings, why portion control doesn’t work, and we dealt with a frequent problem among former dieters—avoiding food shopping.  We also took some pressure off ourselves when it comes to HAESÆ and body positive advocacy.

And of course, back in September, we held the first HAESÆ Master Class, with these wonderful people.

Self Love & Acceptance

We talked a lot about self love this year, including posts on embracing your “mistakes”, letting go of “fixing” certain health issues, and letting go of blaming your weight for physical problems and other problems.

We explored why you should let go of weight loss prerequisites when you’re looking to date more, let go of the dream of being thin so that you can enjoy your life right now, and why examining your fears around loving your body is so helpful.

I also shared some tips on how to deal with tough situations like negative comments about your body, compliments that make you feel uncomfortable, comparing yourself to others, feeling judged, feeling uncomfortable about your body during the summer, and dealing with being a non-dieter during the holidays.

Fat Politics

Back in January, we talked about how understanding body diversity meant being on the right side of history and why fat pride is really for everyone.  And while women were being kept out of the debate around birth control and healthcare, we noted that women and fat people in general have been kept out of discussions around “obesity.”

We also talked about why we fat people need to stop seeing ourselves as “temporarily embarrassed thin people” if we want to create real fat identity and power. We also broke down why things like soda bans are a bad idea, why healthy is not the new skinny, and why the concept that weight loss is about health is really just a result of marketing and crappy journalism.

Supporting Fat Kids

Early last year, we talked about how you can best support the fat kids in your life (hint: dieting is not the answer)! I also gave some special advice to fat teens.

Embracing The Divine Feminine

Last but not least, this year I let you in on some of the specific ways that I combine divine feminine concepts with HAESÆ, including how to amplify your intuition, eat like a goddess, and why sometimes things that seem “frivolous” are important forms of self care. We also reframed beauty as abundant rather than scarce and still worthwhile of consideration.

Next week, I’m bringing back a favorite holiday gift for you folks… but until then, I hope you’ll enjoy checking out and revisiting these posts! 

Golda is a certified holistic health counselor and founder of Body Love Wellness. She counsels women and men throughout the country on how to get off the dieting roller coaster, give their bodies what they really crave, and love their bodies and themselves. Golda's counseling and activism work have been featured on CBS's The Early Show, ABC's Nightline and Time Out New York. For more support with healing your relationship with food and your body, get your free copy of Golda's Top Ten Tips For Divine Dining by clicking here.

To learn more about Golda, click here.


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  • Pastor Brad's avatar

    Love it!  Way to go Golda!  This was my first year on the Health at Every Size path… I have a long way to go—-but I’ve learned so much from everyone here and I’m thankful.

    Keep up the good work!

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