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FATshion Inspirations: Blog to be Alive - an Interview and photos with Valerie de Pever

Last week we started to explore the fabulous world of Fatshion.  As mentioned, there are a lot of great plus-size fashion blogs to inspire us. Today we are very pleased to bring you an interview with the gorgeous Valerie de Pever.

She’s the blogger behind one of my favorite Fatshion blogs, Blog To be Alive.

I simply love her unique style. Everything about the blog, from the awesome header to the quality of the pictures, expresses her inspiring fashion identity. She’s 30 years old and lives in Belgium. In her own words, she says:

“I don’t know everything about fashion, but I just want to prove that you can be curvy (or fat – I don’t mind the word) and be well dressed. I hope that this blog will inspire you and give you some ideas.”

What caught my attention when I first saw Valerie’s blog was the way she wears prints (animal, floral, plaid, geometric) and lace. 

Another fashion trade mark of hers are the great combinations she creates with black, resulting in both an elegant and creative style. Black happens to be one of my favorite colors, because it’s versatile and chic (not because it’s “slimming” or anything like that - please!), so I immediately fell in love with her outfits.

Valerie also provides her readers with great tips on shopping and travelling, makeup, nail colors and hair care (she has astonishing long black hair!).

We asked Valerie a few questions about fashion and style, and I’m so excited to share some of her answers with you!

1. Why did you decide to create a fashion blog?

I started blogging around 2006 on Vive les Rondes. They had just launched a blogging platform. So like many girls I talked a bit about fashion and my personal life. Back then I was one of the first to order from Torrid  and other online retailers. So to encourage the people who were a little “afraid” to order, I started posting outfits of the day and reviews of the clothes. At that time I didn’t really realize it was such a big deal for a plus-size woman to have outfit pictures on a blog! I wasn’t even aware of other fashion blogs. With time, I decided to move to another platform, and now I have my own domain. I just enjoy sharing outfits to encourage women to wear what they really want and not what society tells them it’s OK to wear.

2. What were the repercussions of your blog in your life?

My shopping budget has increased - ha! Blogging hasn’t changed my life that much. Of course, I have met some awesome people who I hope I’ll meet in real life, too, one day. I recently got featured in Elle and Grazia online so that’s always flattering, but in no way do I hope to be “famous.” I see my blog as a hobby, and I think that’s the perfect way to keep enjoying writing.

3. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is fun. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously but as a way to express yourself.

4. What are the most important aspects when you choose an outfit?

I think comfort comes first! See, I am not a real fashionista because you won’t see me on 4 inches heels! Also, the outfit has to fit my personality and lifestyle. I used to buy a lot of clothes on impulse because when I was a teenager there was virtually no fun plus-size clothing in Belgium. I used to wear what would fit and not what I really liked.

So, when I was in my 20s and discovered Torrid and other plus-size retailers, I had really no idea of what my personal style was and bought many different styles of clothing. It takes a while to find your personal style, and I am glad that the plus-size market is increasing so now young girls have more choice.

5. Where do you find inspiration to create your outfits?

I like to read fashion magazines and websites to know about the upcoming trends, but like I said above, I am not a slave to fashion.  I also find inspiration from other bloggers whether or not they are plus-sized.

6. What are your favorite plus-size brands?

I guess Torrid will always have a place in my heart since it’s the first plus-size brand I discovered. They are still the best when it comes to denim. I also love Evans. They’ve really improved over the past few years and definitely follow the trends. For high-end brands Anna Scholz’s creations are just gorgeous. I also love the Danish brand Carmakoma.

7. If you could boil your message to the plus-size women of the world down to one memorable idea, what would it be?
Forget about the rules, be yourself and dare to try on new things!

Thank you so much, Valerie.

We will keep bringing you more representatives of the world of FATshion in our posts, that represent different styles and body types, hoping that you can get inspired by these wonderful women that are creating a fashion revolution all over the Internet. Love to hear what you have to say at the comments as well as ask questions to Valerie!

Patricia Morgado is a Brazilian teacher, jewelry designer and a self acceptance and fashion blogger. She has a degree in Pedagogy and a Master's degree in Human Rights Education. She believes that the key to a happy life is learning to love ourselves. She also believes that fashion is for everyBODY. You can find her jewlery work at Madame Papu's.

To learn more abut Patricia, click here!


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