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Nobody can do without food, and nobody should try. Feed Your Life is a blog about providing yourself with the nourishment that will help your body feel and function better. And remember, nutrition and feeding your life aren't just about food - we require many kinds of nourishment, and this blog will cover those as well.

When we ignore our spiritual hungers for play, for pursuing our passions, for connection, we become imbalanced.

This lack of “soul food” leaves us vulnerable to body disease and lends itself to less than mindful eating. The food behaviors can go either way. A new cycle of dieting begins or we eat past physical needs for a false sense of satisfaction. In my work with clients, I always integrate a piece on self-care that goes beyond the body to the true self, the soul self. This week, pay attention to what nourishes you deep inside and put THAT at the top of your to do (or better yet TO BE) list. Here’s some inspiration:

*Commune with nature-the body is the earth element so honor your longing to be
        close to the natural world. 

*Connect with friends and family-forget Facebook! Get real and actually be with
        the ones you love. 

*Let yourself dream and even make a move towards it-maybe it’s getting back to
  the sea or starting that small biz. Only you know what you really want out of this
        life and you deserve those experiences.

*Create - paint, color, write, whatever, just do what you love!

I wish you fullness today and always!

Julie Norman, nicknamed "The Body Image Guru" by clients, guides women to live authentically healthy lives through peaceful body image, intuitive eating and mindful movement. She blends professional nutrition guidance with the wisdom of yoga to help women transform the ways in which they care for and experience their bodies. She is the creator of Body Karma Healing, a yoga-based program intended to help women transform their body image from painful to peaceful. Julie believes healing individual body image pain helps us heal the world! Check out Julie's exclusive offer for MOMTL Members HERE.

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Weekly Tips

Move view more
Never exercise to earn food or punish yourself for eating.
Nourish view more
It’s ok for eating to be emotional as long as it’s also mindful.
Express view more
It doesn’t matter if your clothes are cheap or expensive. What matters is how you style them.
Think view more
Focus on positive thoughts, because negative thoughts induce stress and a negative metabolic impact.