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Let's talk all about the world of plus-sized fashion: advice, events, the latest and greatest trends and so much more. Be on the lookout for special posts in our Debunking Fashion Taboos and FATshion Inspiration Interview series. Look and feel fabulous with Your Fashion Your Way.

The Annoying Rules

When it comes to being plus sized and a woman we might have listened to an endless set of “rules” and “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to fashion. As you already know I believe that fashion rules are made to be broken and we should wear whatever we like.

Unfortunately, however, those “rules” society tries to feed us are not limited to what we “should” (or should not) wear. It also includes hairstyles that make your face look “thinner” and “slimming” make up tips. But what about our preferences? If I want to have short hair and I’m fat, am I not allowed to have it? Of course I am - and so are you!

If you don’t have to wear make up to “hide” anything, that’s wonderful - you could wear make-up just for fun, you know!?

So, if you have short hair and want some new ideas (or if you want to have it but you’re on the fence about it) consider this post as a source of inspiration.

There are many different kinds of short hair and here are some ideas.

Straight Short Hair with Bangs

Take a look at this gorgeous hair style for straight hair: the first picture is from a website called Love to Know Plus Size with a beautiful ginger model. The second is world famous actress/singer Queen Latifah with lateral bangs. I really like the length and the bangs.

Grey’s Anatomy’s actress Chandra Wilson has had a series of short hair styles. This one in the pictures is one of my favorites.

Our dear Lilli Hingee used to have short hair when her blog Frocks and Frou Frou began in 2008. She looked as lovely as she does now with longer hair, which means that she gained and lost nothing by the style but the enjoyment she derived at either time from either do.

Stilleto Siren from the blog with the same name used to have spiked short hair with bangs in a beautiful shade of red. She is now rocking some audacious pink hair (but this is a theme for another post). In the first picture she’s posing with plus size model Rosie Mercado and in the second she’s wearing an outfit that I like very much with a strapless dress, black leggings, a long cardigan and ballerina flats.

Short Hair with Different Sides

Some of the most interesting short haircuts have different lengths on the side,back or front. I enjoy them a lot, as it creates movement and a number of interesting possibilities.

Beth Ditto has had some cool hairstyles, including fun wigs. I love this one she’s wearing with uneven sides - both with black and red hair she looks great!

Plus size blogger Nadia Aboulhosn used to have long hair until September 2012 and in October 2012 she went even shorter. Finally in January 2013 she went really short! I love all the lengths and hair styles!

Bruna Wandermurem from the Blog Bruneca’s Fashion and Natalie Perkins from Definatalie are rocking a style that is dear to me: shorter on the back, longer on the face.

This is me back in 2009 with a shorter hair style that I loved!

Hope you got inspired by the selection!

Do you like short hair? Do you wear yours like these? Would you like to?

Next week I’ll bring more short hair styles. If you want to submit your picture or send me ideas or images with sources I’d be very happy to post them!

Patricia Morgado is a Brazilian teacher, jewelry designer and a self acceptance and fashion blogger. She has a degree in Pedagogy and a Master's degree in Human Rights Education. She believes that the key to a happy life is learning to love ourselves. She also believes that fashion is for everyBODY. You can find her jewlery work at Madame Papu's.

To learn more abut Patricia, click here!


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