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Let's talk all about the world of plus-sized fashion: advice, events, the latest and greatest trends and so much more. Be on the lookout for special posts in our Debunking Fashion Taboos and FATshion Inspiration Interview series. Look and feel fabulous with Your Fashion Your Way.

Franceta Johnson is a an early-20-something, wild child Toronto native who is currently attending school for business and design. She started her blog Frantic Dreams in March of 2010 “as a journal for my dreams and aspirations of one day becoming a fashion designer. Though these dreams are still alive and intact, I quickly came to the realization that personal style was a lot more fun to write about! Over the years, this site has transformed into a personal style & lifestyle blog, where through my posts I try to inspire and motivate others on their own journey through… well, whatever it may be! I’m constantly reassuring readers that breaking all the rules and being true to yourself in all aspects of life, especially in personal style, is not only the best way to enjoy fashion regardless of size, but an amazing way to go though life as a whole.”

Let’s get to know more about this body positive advocate and radiant fashionista.

1. Why did you decide to create a fashion blog?

I originally started my blog as a personal outlet to vent about my aspirations of one day becoming a fashion designer but quickly realized that writing was not my strong suit! I came across a few blogs written by women of my size and thought it would be a great idea to start showcasing my personal style as well… 2 years later, here we are!

2. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a direct representation of me. It is self-expression, a process of growth and finding oneself. It tells people how I am feeling because I dress according to my mood. It is experimentation at its finest! When else can you try something new or take a risk EVERY DAY? As corny as it sounds, fashion really is a way of life.

3. What are the most important aspects when you choose an outfit?

I want to say comfort, but I have a stack of uncomfortable shoes that would tell you otherwise! Comfort within myself (not so much the physical comfort of it all!). You ultimately have to be happy with the image you are presenting to yourself all times. I don’t dress to please others; as long as I like it, it’s going to be worn! I always try to showcase myself in a fun, classic, polished matter, even in my short shorts and miniskirts, because that is what I feel best in.

4. Where do you find inspiration to create your outfits?

Anything from the people walking past me on the street to a random color I spot and fall in love with! Any and everything inspires an outfit. Truthfully, 90% of the time it is my mood inspiring what I put on in the morning.

5. What are your favorite fashion and beauty items?

Fashion items: Black body-con skirt, basic (Black or White) t-shirts and sunglasses. (A girl can NEVER have too many sunglasses!)

Beauty items: I’m not much of a make-up girl so, chapstick, smashbox photo finish powder, bronzer & mascara. Three items that keep my beauty regimen simple!

6. What are your shopping strategies as a plus sized woman?

Try on everything (no matter the tag size!) and if it doesn’t feel amazing, don’t buy it! I used to go shopping with the worst mentality: what’s the point, that’s never going to fit me, I might as well stay home! I was so wrong. You just need to try things on, have the patience to sift through hundreds of items to find a few that were meant for you. You may have a few laughs in the dressing room, or maybe a few “why did I even think this would work?” moments, but it’s better to try everything on than miss out on something amazing that you would have brushed off initially.

7. What’s your advice for plus size women regarding fashion?

Break every single rule you were ever taught to follow. Fashion is supposed to be fun and carefree, not restrictive and boring! I mean, what is the worst that can happen? Nothing! You wake up tomorrow and try something completely new! Oh, and never use the phrase, “I wish I could wear that!” Stop wishing because honestly, you can!

After reading these inspiring ideas I hope we greet the New Year with this positive message: try, experiment, dress as you wish because you are your own fashion designer and YOU are the one who creates the rules. Get dressed and be happy!

I’d like to thank Franceta so much for the interview and for the pictures she’s sent along with it. I’m very happy that such a stylish and beautiful blogger took some time to share her ideas with us. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

You can follow her facebook page for tips and ideas.

Patricia Morgado is a Brazilian teacher, jewelry designer and a self acceptance and fashion blogger. She has a degree in Pedagogy and a Master's degree in Human Rights Education. She believes that the key to a happy life is learning to love ourselves. She also believes that fashion is for everyBODY. You can find her jewlery work at Madame Papu's.

To learn more abut Patricia, click here!


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