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Nobody can do without food, and nobody should try. Feed Your Life is a blog about providing yourself with the nourishment that will help your body feel and function better. And remember, nutrition and feeding your life aren't just about food - we require many kinds of nourishment, and this blog will cover those as well.

One of Mother Nature’s most powerful healers, mushrooms, have been used as medicine in the East for years and are the basis for many of our antibiotics in the states. They contain nutritional attributes often found in produce, meat, beans and grains. Most notable are the levels of potassium, selenium, magenese and copper found in most varieties along with a host of brain-healthy B vitamins. They also contain vitamin D and a decent amount of calcium!

Mushrooms reduce mucus, decrease inflamation, have antibiotic properties and help to increase our white blood cell count, thereby empowering the immune system It was recently found that beta-glucans in fungi aid in removing plaque from arteries and reducing tumors! 

Mushrooms can help us eat a more plant-based diet which is proving more and more beneficial everyday. The culinary possibilties of mushrooms are endless.Here are just a few simple ideas to get you started:

*Roast button mushrooms with some other favorite veggies to use as a main or   side dish.
*Saute cremini, shitake or button mushrooms for stir-fries; or add to risotto, soups or pasta dishes.
*Grill portobello mushrooms and enjoy on a warm whole grain bun.
*Saute button mushrooms and add to scrambled eggs or a baked potato.

Wishing you the best on your plate and in your life! Julie

Julie Norman, nicknamed "The Body Image Guru" by clients, guides women to live authentically healthy lives through peaceful body image, intuitive eating and mindful movement. She blends professional nutrition guidance with the wisdom of yoga to help women transform the ways in which they care for and experience their bodies. She is the creator of Body Karma Healing, a yoga-based program intended to help women transform their body image from painful to peaceful. Julie believes healing individual body image pain helps us heal the world! Check out Julie's exclusive offer for MOMTL Members HERE.

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Never exercise to earn food or punish yourself for eating.
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It’s ok for eating to be emotional as long as it’s also mindful.
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It doesn’t matter if your clothes are cheap or expensive. What matters is how you style them.
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Focus on positive thoughts, because negative thoughts induce stress and a negative metabolic impact.