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More of Me to Love’s purpose is to understand, serve and satisfy the needs of bigger-bodied people, both physically and emotionally. Our community promotes the happiness and healthiness that everyone deserves.

About More of Me to Love

Through our interactive and motivational community we learn to think positively, eat nutritiously and move our bodies for joy. We are confident that every person can be happy with who s/he is and love her/his body the way it is. Our weekly expert tips, topical and engaging blogs, interactive forums and vast resource center communicate habits that lead to feeling better, both in body and mind. By involving yourself in our community you will begin to change your attitude about weight, simply by virtue of the fact that you’re feeling good and recognizing that you should love yourself and your body. Plus, the more love you realize you have for yourself, the more you’ll realize there is to love!

Interact with others who are part of this life-changing approach, and you’ll understand that More of Me to Love is a lifestyle. Even if you already feel great about your body or we’ve helped change your attitude and habits, More of Me to Love will still be here for you. Discuss issues facing the Size Community, stay up to date on the latest fat-related events, legislation, and health research, and keep learning innovative ways to improve your health and enjoy your body just the way it is. Also, never forget that when you start feeling great, you can help others who are still learning how to love themselves.

This community belongs to you, so if you can think of ways to improve it, if you want to contribute regularly through a new and helpful blog, or if you want to create and monitor an important forum discussion or contribute resources, then please Contact Us.

Here are some of the values that More of Me to Love embodies:

Spread True Equality

We will treat all people, no matter their size, weight, shape, mobility, age, health or reason for being so right and as valued human beings deserving of respect, dignity and the comforts that the modern age affords. This treatment is due no matter whether someone is a community member, a customer, or unaffiliated with More of Me to Love.

Fulfill All of Our Members’ Needs

Profits are neither our reason for being nor the sole requirement or motivator of every avenue and venture we pursue. Our community and its related endeavors are intended to fulfill people’s needs holistically, including emotional, social, physical and personal needs. We must continue pursuing these ventures and this attitude in order to maintain our commitment to enhancing the lives of those we serve.

The Promotion of Health

Health is important, and we believe that a healthy lifestyle should be available to everyone equally. Thus, we encourage the pursuit of health, while acknowledging that a person’s health is not a cause for judgment.

Unique Benefits of Being a Part of the More of Me to Love Community

  • More of Me to Love is free, which means that there are no trial memberships, no sign up costs, no credit card input, and absolutely no risk to join and participate in our community.
  • Our tips are provided by certified experts who are here for you.
  • We offer real-time motivation, encouragement and reinforcement as well as regular and ongoing advice and help.
  • More of Me to Love is an approach to life which means that there are no novice or advanced levels.
  • We will never tell you that you need to lose weight, diet or make yourself suffer to achieve some artificial standard of beauty. We know that you are beautiful just the way you are and will make sure that you know it too.
  • You can help shape More of Me to Love by participating in blogs and forums, contributing resources and calendar events, submitting recipes and fat-friendly businesses and more.

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Weekly Tips

Move view more
Never exercise to earn food or punish yourself for eating.
Nourish view more
It’s ok for eating to be emotional as long as it’s also mindful.
Express view more
It doesn’t matter if your clothes are cheap or expensive. What matters is how you style them.
Think view more
Focus on positive thoughts, because negative thoughts induce stress and a negative metabolic impact.