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  1. The Militant Baker

    This fantastic blog follows Jes, a mental health professional, pastry chef, ex-art major, crazy cat lady, fat model, fiery advocate, and total pain in the ass.

  2. Bite Me Film Fest

    BITE ME! Is a non profit arts, culture, media literacy and education organization. Its mission is to advance the public’s understanding of critical social justice issues pertaining to self discovery and identity through the body, representations and interpretations of body perceptions and body images. BITE ME! explores, challenges and redefines the contested “body beautiful” wrapped in our experiences of the provocative and the every day. Join us for a 3-day exploration of body and identity stories from near and far—stories set to challenge the limits of traditional body image dialogue by addressing multiple images—body images and experiences informed by diverse race, religious and cultural backgrounds, genders, sexualities, classes, ages, abilities, geographies and histories among other social identifiers. Everybody has a story.

  3. VoluptuArt

    VoluptuArt™ brings you art and gifts that will inspire you to celebrate your body. We all need images that say YES, my body is beautiful and good no matter what size, shape, age, color or gender. This is the place to find that inspiration.

  4. Big Moves

    Big Moves isn’t just a bad-ass, eye-popping piece of entertainment- it’s a vision of a world where talented fatties and fatlets alike live and dance unafraid of people criticizing their bodies or hiding the food. C’mon. You know you want to live there with us.

  5. Ianardo’s BBW Art Gallery

    This is an exhibition of portraits by British artist Ian Strange (a.k.a. Ianardo), done in the old tradition of hand-drawn fine-artwork, with plus-size female beauty as the theme.

  6. Cindy Baker

    Cindy Baker is artist extraordinaire, and an amazing voice in contemporary art. Check out her amazing work and learn about what’s coming next.

  7. I Support FAT ART- The Photography of Tina Arroyo

    If you’d like to support the Fat Art of Tina Arroyo, buy one of her many fabulous items (t-shirt, mug, sticker, etc.) that proclaims your support of her worthy endeavor.

  8. PURE: Public Urban Ritual Experiment

    PURE is collective of dancers and drummers who take music and dance out into the streets for the purposes of healing and peace. Movements from ancient sacred world traditions including Middle Eastern, Chinese, Romani gypsy, Israeli folk, Flamenco, Indian dance and drumming will be incorporated into the PURE experience.

    PURE hopes to change the current perceptions of society regarding body image by valuing the uniqueness of each individual body.

  9. Large Friends BBW Dating Network

    Roughly 130 million adults in the U.S. are plus-sized. More than 1.6billion worldwide. At LargeFriends, you could mix and mingle with hundreds of thousands of plus-sized singles, Big Beautiful Women, and Big Handsome Men!

    Proving size is only a number, LargeFriends is the perfect website for Big Beautiful Singles! We specialize in helping big guys and big gals find their like-minded partners interested in dating, long-term relationships, friends, and even marriage! Check out our success stories and register today!

  10. Fat Girl Art

    At Fat Girl Art, they offer a selection of Fat Girl note cards where each design is hand-painted by the artist herself. You won’t find cards that celebrate girls of size like this anywhere else. Fat, plus-sized, chubby, BBW, curvy, big boned, large, heavy set, fluffy, etc. Regardless of the label, these women are all beautiful and worthy of being celebrated!

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